Class 1 Kindergarten




Our kindergarten curriculum is structured and integrated to demonstrate the connections among the different thematic subject areas. The year highlights critical thinking, composition, and research based projects in science geography and history. In our kindergarten program, your child will continue to set the pace for his or her own education and developmental growth. Our four main areas of study are Language, Math, Sensorial and Practical Life Exercises. Our program also includes the study of History, Science and Creative Expression. In these areas too, concrete materials are used to enable the child to understand concepts introduced.

  • The purpose of the Practical Life Exercises is to make the child independent of the adult. The exercises include cutting, pouring, dressing themselves, sorting and keeping the environment in order.

  • Sensorial Exercises sharpen the senses of the young child and enables him/her to understand the many impressions he/she receives through them. Our sensorial material isolate one defining quality such as color, weight, shape, texture, size, sound, and smell.

  • The child initially learns oral language naturally and advances through our prepared environment. Metal insets, sandpaper letters and wooden moveable alphabets are a few of the material used to assist the child to read phonetically. By the end of the kindergarten year your child would be able to read 3 letter phonetics, Long Vowel words & read fluently the assigned books and comprehend what is being read.

  • The concept of numbers is introduced to the child at an early age by giving the child the opportunity to learn through concrete materials such as number rods, cards and counters and spindle boxes advancing into learning addition, multiplication, division, and understanding fractions.

  • They will continue to learn about continents, landforms, flags of different countries, parts of different animals, solar system, and Spanish.