Open house is held once a year and our students present a magnificent array of talent to their families. This is an occasion where students demonstrate and present what they have learnt to their parents and friends.

The Preschool students will present the Montessori jobs that they have learnt. Kindergarten students will present 3 jobs that they have learnt each in Language, Math and Geography or Zoology. Parents could also view the number of projects and learning done during the school year.

Grades 1 through 3 will exhibit their work in different subject matters and explain to you about the key learnings gained from each project.

The Art show exhibits the creative and artistry of Kindergarten through fifth grade. Open house is conducted at the school, and presents an opportunity to the parents to talk to teachers, discuss learning objectives, homework preparation and many other factors.

We invite all prospective families to join us at our open house. Please refer to our calendar to confirm the open house dates.

Open House Projects


  • Held once a year
  • Demonstration of learning activities
  • All day event
  • Talk to teachers for input
  • New parents and students welcome to visit