Class 1 Kindergarten



This is our brand new infant class for ages 6 weeks to 18 months with space for 7 infants with personal cribs, feeding stations and plenty of carpeted crawling space, a fabulous outdoor artificial turf area with shade and infant appropriate toys.

  • Our curriculum creates a developmentally appropriate learning environment that encourages infants in our care to become confident, successful, lifelong learners. From their very first cries, coos, and babbles, infants learn to use language to connect with their world, to develop relationships, and to get what they need. Our infant teachers encourage these skills through everyday experiences singing lullabies and songs, naming objects, engaging in daily conversations, exploring picture books and playing rhyming and word games.

  • Although it might seem surprising, mathematical concepts are indeed a part of an infant's early learning - from staring at the geometric shapes of a toy to exploring the space around him/her.  Our math curriculum provides appropriate materials and activities that promote the development of early mathematical understanding. Some of the things your baby will have the opportunity to learn include recognizing words that describe positions such as "up" or "under", Becoming aware of space and variations in it , Understanding quantity concepts like "more" , repeating an action to make the same thing happen again and making choices from a group of items.

  • Science to infants is not found in elaborate experiments, but rather in real world and everyday moments as they move through their environment, manipulate objects, and explore with all their senses. Our infant teachers help curious babies begin the process of discovery by providing a sensory-rich environment that encourages exploration in a safe way, using safe toys and materials with different textures, smells, tastes and sounds, experimenting with volume by filling and dumping buckets filled with toys, playing peek-a-boo and exploring nature in safe, outdoor environments.

  • Exposure to the arts ensures babies are immersed in rich and diverse experiences that capture their interest, nurture their development, and excite their senses. At Foothill Progressive, our infant teachers guide children to explore their creative side and to appreciate the beauty of the art world by painting with large brushes, sponges, and fingers, using rattles and musical instruments, dancing and moving to varied beats, music, and tempos, playing with puppets and dolls and reading vivid picture books.

  • Although they are our youngest citizens, infants can begin to understand the basic concepts that provide a foundation for becoming a happy, contributing member of society. Our infant teachers encourage a baby's exploration of the world around us by looking at family albums made by parents and teachers, setting up safe spaces that encourage play near peers, showing affection and compassion every day, engaging in imaginative, caring play such as rocking a doll.

  • Our curriculum focuses on health and safety, and fosters a positive attitude about wellness. Babies are exposed to healthy habits and routines to help them build a foundation for lifelong health. Your baby will have the opportunity to enjoy physical activities both indoors and outdoors, in very safe environments designed specifically for infants, identify and communicate his/her hunger needs, become receptive to a variety of flavors and textures when he/she is ready for solid foods and participate in routine health care when he/she is diapered and assisted with hand washing.