Due to the healthcare crisis in the US and the resultant obesity epidemic we are paying special attention what children eat. The latest studies show that proper nutrition is the cornerstone of powerful academic performance, creativity and physical stamina. Please keep sugary foods to a minimum and consider the quality of carbs, meats and fruits you give your child. Freshly prepared foods are much healthier for your child.

Optional Hot Lunch Program

The school offers an optional lunch program for an additional fee. Please refer the school office for the lunch menu.


Please provide 2 snacks which consist of fruits in season, vegetables, crackers and other healthy food. Due to many kids having allergies we do not permit PEANUTS  at the school. Please refrain from sending doughnuts, gum, peanuts, peanut butter or candies to school. If found it will be returned home.

Birthday Parties

Children’s birthdays may be celebrated at the school during lunch time or after 3:00 p.m. Please speak to the class teacher if you plan on having a party in school. We do not allow cakes and other high sugar treats because parents of other children frown upon this. Instead consider things like fruits, vegetable dips and fun activities as the cornerstone of any birthday event at the school.

Teach children good eating habits

Children who get a taste for sugar often become poor eaters. Cut out the sugar and they will eat much better. Teach children about food. Get them to help with food preparation. Explore how food presentation can lead to healthy eating choices. You children do not like mushy food. They like food that is hard and not soft, since their growing teeth need something hard to bite into.

Eliminate sugar from childrens' diets | Make fresh food | Shop and cook together | Kids don't like mushy food | Better food leads to better academic performance | Sugary food kills the appetite and lead to poor eaters